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STEGU RUSTICAL pointing mortar is a dry mass for pointing facade tiles
imitating stone and sandstone as well as for natural stone and some kinds of clinker.
It is exible, has an improved adhesion to the substrate and is resistant to atmospheric
conditions (freeze proof and waterproof). It can be used indoors and on external
facades of buildings as well as fencing posts.

The facade must be dry before applying the joints and the adhesive used for bonding
tiles completely set. Remove adhesive residues outside the jointing surface and the
residues of the old joint with a trowel.

Prepare ca. 2 kg of dry pointing mortar (at a larger quantity, the joint sets initially before the
mixture is ready) in a clean bucket, with no residues of the previously prepared
jointing mixture, add water and mix thoroughly until a homogenous mixture
is formed. After ca. 3 minutes mix again. Apply the mixture into the joints with
the enclosed bag with a hole diameter of ca. 8 mm. After ca. 2 minutes press the
mixture in the joints with a jointing trowel or the other side of the enclosed brush.
Remove the excess with a trowel. Application time of the prepared mixture must not
exceed 15 minutes. Remember that the joint drying time may be shorter, depending
on the type of tiles and atmospheric conditions (in case of gypsum tiles and
temperatures above 20°C). After pressing the joint, before it sets, .nish the surface to
obtain the .nal appearance, remembering not to soil the tiles. The joint surface can be
brushed only once since any corrections will result in discolouration on the façade
surface and di_erence in the colour of the joint. If tiles are incidentally stained, do not
clean the façade with a wet sponge or cloth.

Conduct the works under dry conditions, at air and substrate temperature from +5°C
to +20°C. Protect freshly made joints against sunlight, rain, dew, temperature drops
below +5°C and strong wind for at least 24 hours (3 days in case of fencing posts) after
completing works, and perform maintenance after at least 7 days from completing
works. Pointing “Rustical” mortar contains cement and has an alkaline
reaction after mixing with water. Protect the epidermis and eyes. In case of contact
with eyes, rinse the eyes thoroughly with plenty of water and if the eyes become red,
seek medical help. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not inhale dust.

Store in a dry and cool place, in tightly closed original containers 12 months from
the production date.

Mixing ratio: ca. 1.8 – 2.0 l of water per 15 kg of dry pointing mortar.
Ambient and substrate temperature at completing works: +5 to +20 degrees Celsius.
Time to use the prepared mixture: 15 to 20 minutes (depending on the ambient
Initial setting time: 24 hours
Complete setting time: 28 days
Efficiency: to 5 m2 per container (depends on the type of applied tiles and the joint width and depth)

– white
– beige
– grey