PRINT 30×30 square

  • Interior

Upholstered panels

Carefully selected motifs of the mollis® PRINT series offer great decoration possibilities in living rooms, bedrooms, halls or stylish offices. The presented colour palette is based on elegant shades and minimalist patterns, so that the panels can easily be combined with other elements of the decoration. They will serve as a multi-purpose interior decoration, as apart from aesthetic values, they offer a number of advantages affecting their functionality. Research of the Building Research Institute confirms that the acoustic insulation level of mollis® upholstered panels is 70%, which significantly contributes to the soundproofing of the room.
The mollis® PRINT series consists of square panels with dimensions of 30×30 cm in several original patterns. The impeccable appearance of the prints is ensured by the use of modern fabric sublimation printing technology, which guarantees the highest quality of the product.
Panel dimensions: 300x300x37 mm



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