Metro with joint

  • Interior

Brick tiles with ready joint

Opening up living space is becoming more and more popular in modern designs. Combining several rooms into one large space creates a sociable environment, great for the whole family to enjoy. However, in this multi-use space we can create different functional zones by visually separating them. Metro – brick tiles can be a perfect decorative accent in monochromatic interior. It may also separate the living area from dining space and the kitchen.

Metro flawlessly recreates the structure of natural brick in a high-performance gypsum tile, perfect for both residential and commercial spaces. Coming in three distinct but subtle shades, Metro is perfect for creating an original one-of-a-kind-interior. Revolutionary construction of the tile with in-built joint, makes the installation very fast and easy.

Metro 2


0.63 m2 16 pcs.
1.02 lm 0.39 m2 12 pcs.