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The LINEA SLIM wall slats are made of thick MDF, thanks to which they work as an efficient sound insulation. The collection consists of single slats (SINGLE) and wall panels – the slats on an MDF.

Simplicity and refined elegance – that’s how we define LINEA SLIM BLACK. The slats emphasize the character of the most minimalistic interior, and their timeless design will stand the test of time. The wall slat panels are a perfect product for finishing office or commercial spaces. This decorative solution will definitely improve the acoustics of the interior.

The LINEA SLIM BLACK collection offers products in three dimensions:

LINEA SLIM 3: 2650 / 150 / 30 mm (netto: 2650 / 144 / 30 mm)

LINEA SLIM 1: 2650 / 54 / 30 mm (netto: 2650 / 48 / 30 mm)

LINEA SLIM SINGLE: 2650 / 22 / 27 mm

Purchasing the necessary number of wall slats from one production batch at a time guarantees repeatability of color and grain.


0.3975 m2 1 pcs.
lm pcs.