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LINEA series wall slats is an interesting solution to fill empty spaces on walls, pillars or other flat surfaces and to separate zones in a room. Their minimalist look is conducive to decorations of various styles, and high-quality workmanship guarantees an impeccable interior finish. Thanks to their unique structure, they create a beautiful, multidimensional effect. Expressive black is dedicated primarily to modern spaces with a strong and bold design.
The slats come in three dimensional variants. They are available as single slats and two types of panels on an oak background – one-piece and three-piece panels. The products are made of lightweight MDF board, so they can be mounted both on the wall and on the ceiling. The maintenance of the product is very simple and easy since the slats do not require any coating. To keep them clean, just wipe off the accumulated dust occasionally with a dry cloth.


LINEA 3: 2750 / 176 / 40 mm (netto: 2750 / 168 / 40 mm)

LINEA 1: 2750 / 64 / 40 mm (netto: 2750 / 56 / 40 mm)

LINEA SINGLE: 2750 / 28 / 37 mm

Purchasing the necessary number of wall slats from one production batch at a time guarantees repeatability of color and grain.


m2 1 pcs.
lm pcs.