Stegu decorative tiles and stones

Decorative stone and facade tiles by Stegu offer plethora of colours, shapes and textures. We are inspired by the natural beauty of mountain ranges, coastlines and rocky fjords. Stegu tiles are made according to the principle that the nature is the best artist. The multi-stage production process which requires manual processing and uses natural aggregates and dyes, is preceded by laboratory tests that ensure every detail is perfectly made and the final product meets all the requirements and specifications.
STEGU adds natural beauty to every architectural sphere: interiors, facades, fences, decorations and garden features. We manufacture gypsum and concrete tiles, inspired by natural stone, wood and brick. Due to the exceptional quality of raw materials used in production process, STEGU concrete tiles offer very high durability. Gypsum tiles showcase artisanal precision, offering outstanding quality of details. Variety of colours, textures and forms guarantees wide selection of tiles. Perfectly selected tiles will enrich your surrounding space with individual character.
STEGU inspired by nature

We make our tiles according to three architectural principles: durability, usefulness and beauty.

Wall tiles, exterior wall tiles, outdoor wall tiles

Our mission is to provide architectural elements that play a major role in building up ambience. For over 20 years we have been following the rule, both in business and in life, that only those who have their goals clearly set and the strong will to reach them become successful.

Our goal is to make finishing materials that gain their form in space. We are pleased with the fact that something which was initially a concept, became a drawing, then a 3-dimentional object and finally it is used to make someone's house. Nature has been an inspiration for people for ages, as they constitute its integral part. We instinctively seek it and feel it, and in turn, the nature has been supplying us with the best solutions for ages. Even in small space an image of surrounding natural beauty can be recreated. Stegu wall panels will enrich your interior and surroundings with a warm atmosphere inspired by nature.